BluVLite BlueLight

INCI Name : Glycerin and Clitoria ternatea Flower Extract and Garcinia mangostana Peel Extract and Punica granatum Peel Extract
Indication : Curative in skin care
Claim : Blue light and UV Protection
Recommended dosage : 0.8 – 5.0%
Properties : Protection against Blue light and UV
Solubility : WaterThe BluVLite Complex contains precious concentration of natural Anthocyanin from Blue pea extract; Mangostin from Mangosteen peel extract; and Ellagic Acid from Pomegranate extract. The standardized complex can effectively absorb HEV light at 400 nanometers. The complex can also rejuvenate the skin, prevent further damage, and eliminate free radicals and wrinkles. Though this product shows slower result when compared to cosmetic and skincare chemicals, it is a safer option for your skin. Computers, smartphones, fluorescent lights and various other electronics and gadgets all emit blue light, or high-energy visible light (HEV light), and UV light. The visible blue light corresponds to the wavelengths in the range of 400 – 700 nanometers, and the invisible UV light is in range of 200 – 400 nanometers. When compare wavelengths with it Blue light and UV light, Blue light has higher penetrating potential into the skin through dermis skin layer to the blood cells. Therefore, daily usage of electronic devices along with being out in the sun, are dangerous to the skin. The activities promote the production of melanin and increase the appearance of dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, and even cause skin cancer. Since it is impossible to avoid being exposed to HEV light and UV light, it becomes crucial to effectively shield our skin from HEV and UV exposure.


The study of BluVLite has shown a positive result in DPPH scavenging activity. BluVLite result is 1.78 times better than commercial natural sunscreen product. BluVLite also shown better absortion of blue light and UV when compared.

Absorption spectra for BluVLite and Commercial Natural Sunscreen (diluted 1,000 times) wavelenght 200-700 nm

Key benefits

  • Protects skin from elastin and collagen degradation
  • Inhibits the formation of glycation wrinkles
  • Prevents skin aging that is generated through acceleratedcell senescence