Reishi Immunity Boosters Protetion From Covid19


 Immunity Boosters Protetion From Covid19

     Nowadays Thailand faces a big problem form virus COVID-19. The prevention from virus is using regular equipment. Moreover, humans’ immune system also significantly helps with virus prevention. The immune system plays an important role to defense against foreign substances. Having a good immunity will reduce COVID-19 and other virus infections.

     Eating reishi mushroom is a good option to prevent virus infection. This mushroom would help increasing efficiency of T and B lymphocytes, monocytes and other white blood cells which enhance immunity. Furthermore, there are Polysaccharides which works as an active compound in reishi mushroom. The ability to increase and expand of white blood cells in an appropriate way can enhance the host’s immune system.

Our immune system is a system created to protect our body from foreign bodies, bacteria, viruses, fungi and chemicals that we received each and every day. In which may cause infectious diseases, various cancers, and allergies. With lack of immunity can greatly affect us due to we do not have the power to eliminate and control the foreign bodies and microbes that enter our systems. The reishi extract had been shown to strengthen our immunity system by helping Macrophage white blood cells produces cytokines that are related to the immune responses which enhances the ability of white blood cells to remove and control bacteria and viruses which is the causes of illness. Reishi extract also contain beta-glucan that helps with our immune system as well.

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