Reishi ( Ling – zhi,  Hed-lin – jue )  is  well  known   as   the  Holly mushroom  with  its  cure – all  health  benefits.    It  can   only   be cultivated   in   mountainous  areas  of  Asia.    In   traditional  Thai medicine, has long been utilized as a balancing remedy that  naturally  enhances  immune  system.   β – 1,  3  – D – glucan founded   in  the  fungus  has  been  proven  as  activator  of  the immune  system  by  increasing  the  activity  of  white  blood cells (WBC)  especially   macrophage,  lymphocyte,  NK  cell  therefore lower  the  risk  of  cancer, diuretic, bronchitis, and immune system disorder.  In additional,  Triterpenes including Ergosterol,  Ganoderic acid  A,  Ganoderic  acid  B  in inhibits  the  release of histamine,   which   is   a   major   cause   of  allergy.   As  a  result, is   an   excellent   ingredient   to   be   added  in  food supplements  for  health  equilibrium.

The lingzhi mushroom is a species complex that encompasses several fungal species of the genus Ganoderma, most commonly the closely related species Ganoderma lucidumGanoderma tsugae, and Ganoderma lingzhiG. lingzhi is frequently used in East Asia, where it has been used as a medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.
English name
English lingzhi or ling chih (sometimes spelled “ling chi” from French EFEO Chinese transcription) is a Chinese loanword. The Oxford English Dictionary gives Chinese “líng divine + zhī fungus” as the origin of ling chih or lingzhi, and defines, “The fungus Ganoderma lucidum, believed in China to confer longevity and used as a symbol of this on Chinese ceramic ware.” The OED notes the earliest recorded usage of the Wade–Gilesromanization ling chih in 1904, and of the Pinyin lingzhi in 1980. In addition to the transliterated loanword, English names include “glossy ganoderma” and “shiny polyporus”.Thai nameThai เห็ด หลิน จือ (mushroom hlin cheu) is a Chinese loanword.

Active Ingredients of Reishi Extract

Properties & Application
  1. B-D-glucan activates the immune system of the skin, inhibits irritation, protects skin, and smoothes wrinkle.
  1. Triterpenes inhibit the release of Histamine to prevent allergy.
  1. Nucleosides and nucleotides energize the skin.
  2. Polysaccharides have an antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities and prevent against DNA damage.