Mulberry leaves are not only having flavonoid as active compound but also have alkaloids in it. This active would help with boosting immune system by stimulate macrophage cells. Macrophages play an important role to destroy foreign bodies and viruses to come into the body. With flavonoid and alkaloid can strengthen your immune system and reduce risk of illness.

        Mulberry leaves can be used for drink as tea or directly consume its leaves and buds by putting in soup menu. They are loaded with powerful plant compounds like Flavonoid; Triterpene, Ceraminde, Mulberroside and essential oil which help with heart attack reduction, balancing blood pressure and thrombosis prevention. The study shows that ripped mulberry fruit would provide more efficiency of active compounds as well.



Enhance immune system and Antivirus


Moringa tree has been well known in traditional medicine especially in Asian countries that it can cure body symptoms. Its leaves have many medicine activities which can lower blood pressure, prevent peptic ulcer disease, prevent Herpes simplex virus type I, anti-bacterial and other microbial. The study found that Moringa leaves have Flavonoids as an active ingredient which has anti-oxidant activity and relieve many symptoms. Moreover, it can strengthen cells and body to be healthier.

Moringa oleifera is a Thai folk herb which has the origin in Asia. This herb has been used as a traditional medicine for a long time. All parts of this tree rich in vitamins and minerals. There are high content of vitamin A and C, calcium, potassium, and iron. These substances in Moringa oleifera can help with curing in many diseases.

Plu kaow

Improve Immune system and Antivirus

    Plukaow has Phenolic compounds and Flavonoids as active ingredients; these ingredients can inhibit the virus enzyme division and also stimulate body immune system. This plant would help the immune system work more efficiently and inhibit the inflammation process.

     Plukaow is a local plant in Thailand. Plukaow has been used in Thai traditional medicine for a long time to help with anti-inflammatory activity, boosting immune system, and treating the respiratory system from virus infection as well.





Enhance immune system and Antivirus

Andrographis is an herb long used in traditional Thai medicine. The leaves and underground stem are frequently used for preventing and treating the common cold and flu (influenza). Andrographis is rich in compounds known as Andrographolides in its leaves, stems and roots. These compounds are used to have strengthen our immunity system, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Moreover, these compounds can stimulate lymphocytes production to destroy foreign materials inside our body.

Andrographis extract can stimulate the immune system, anti-inflammatory and especially antiviral property for respiratory infection. This herb helps to create balance to the body by secrete secretions in the respiratory system which will help preventing the virus from attacking our lungs.

                                                      Andrographis Factsheet


Enhance immune and Antioxident Protetion From Virus

          Triphala is a combination of three fruits. These fruits are Emblic, Beleric and Terminalia. Each fruit has their own immunity property which would really help with prevention of virus. It is accepted from Thai Traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine that Triphala juice can boost immune system. The active ingredient in it is Anthocyanin which is member of the flavonoid group. This active is high in antioxidants; the property will strengthen cells building. Moreover, Quercetin in flavonoid has potential to prevent absorption to cells from viruses. This active can help reduce risk of infection virus as well.

Triphala has many properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, stimulate immune system, reduce blood sugar, and cholesterol. Triphala can prevent cancer cells as well. The research found out that it effectively inhibits cancer cells and does not cause cytotoxicity.

Triphala Factsheet



 Immunity Boosters Protetion From Covid19

     Nowadays Thailand faces a big problem form virus COVID-19. The prevention from virus is using regular equipment. Moreover, humans’ immune system also significantly helps with virus prevention. The immune system plays an important role to defense against foreign substances. Having a good immunity will reduce COVID-19 and other virus infections.

     Eating reishi mushroom is a good option to prevent virus infection. This mushroom would help increasing efficiency of T and B lymphocytes, monocytes and other white blood cells which enhance immunity. Furthermore, there are Polysaccharides which works as an active compound in reishi mushroom. The ability to increase and expand of white blood cells in an appropriate way can enhance the host’s immune system.

Our immune system is a system created to protect our body from foreign bodies, bacteria, viruses, fungi and chemicals that we received each and every day. In which may cause infectious diseases, various cancers, and allergies. With lack of immunity can greatly affect us due to we do not have the power to eliminate and control the foreign bodies and microbes that enter our systems. The reishi extract had been shown to strengthen our immunity system by helping Macrophage white blood cells produces cytokines that are related to the immune responses which enhances the ability of white blood cells to remove and control bacteria and viruses which is the causes of illness. Reishi extract also contain beta-glucan that helps with our immune system as well.

Reishield Factsheet


INCI Name : Glycerin and Clitoria ternatea Flower Extract and Garcinia mangostana Peel Extract and Punica granatum Peel Extract
Indication : Curative in skin care
Claim : Blue light and UV Protection
Recommended dosage : 0.8 – 5.0%
Properties : Protection against Blue light and UV
Solubility : WaterThe BluVLite Complex contains precious concentration of natural Anthocyanin from Blue pea extract; Mangostin from Mangosteen peel extract; and Ellagic Acid from Pomegranate extract. The standardized complex can effectively absorb HEV light at 400 nanometers. The complex can also rejuvenate the skin, prevent further damage, and eliminate free radicals and wrinkles. Though this product shows slower result when compared to cosmetic and skincare chemicals, it is a safer option for your skin. Computers, smartphones, fluorescent lights and various other electronics and gadgets all emit blue light, or high-energy visible light (HEV light), and UV light. The visible blue light corresponds to the wavelengths in the range of 400 – 700 nanometers, and the invisible UV light is in range of 200 – 400 nanometers. When compare wavelengths with it Blue light and UV light, Blue light has higher penetrating potential into the skin through dermis skin layer to the blood cells. Therefore, daily usage of electronic devices along with being out in the sun, are dangerous to the skin. The activities promote the production of melanin and increase the appearance of dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, and even cause skin cancer. Since it is impossible to avoid being exposed to HEV light and UV light, it becomes crucial to effectively shield our skin from HEV and UV exposure.


The study of BluVLite has shown a positive result in DPPH scavenging activity. BluVLite result is 1.78 times better than commercial natural sunscreen product. BluVLite also shown better absortion of blue light and UV when compared.

Absorption spectra for BluVLite and Commercial Natural Sunscreen (diluted 1,000 times) wavelenght 200-700 nm

Key benefits

  • Protects skin from elastin and collagen degradation
  • Inhibits the formation of glycation wrinkles
  • Prevents skin aging that is generated through acceleratedcell senescence

Reishi ( Ling – zhi,  Hed-lin – jue )  is  well  known   as   the  Holly mushroom  with  its  cure – all  health  benefits.    It  can   only   be cultivated   in   mountainous  areas  of  Asia.    In   traditional  Thai medicine, has long been utilized as a balancing remedy that  naturally  enhances  immune  system.   β – 1,  3  – D – glucan founded   in  the  fungus  has  been  proven  as  activator  of  the immune  system  by  increasing  the  activity  of  white  blood cells (WBC)  especially   macrophage,  lymphocyte,  NK  cell  therefore lower  the  risk  of  cancer, diuretic, bronchitis, and immune system disorder.  In additional,  Triterpenes including Ergosterol,  Ganoderic acid  A,  Ganoderic  acid  B  in inhibits  the  release of histamine,   which   is   a   major   cause   of  allergy.   As  a  result, is   an   excellent   ingredient   to   be   added  in  food supplements  for  health  equilibrium.

The lingzhi mushroom is a species complex that encompasses several fungal species of the genus Ganoderma, most commonly the closely related species Ganoderma lucidumGanoderma tsugae, and Ganoderma lingzhiG. lingzhi is frequently used in East Asia, where it has been used as a medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.
English name
English lingzhi or ling chih (sometimes spelled “ling chi” from French EFEO Chinese transcription) is a Chinese loanword. The Oxford English Dictionary gives Chinese “líng divine + zhī fungus” as the origin of ling chih or lingzhi, and defines, “The fungus Ganoderma lucidum, believed in China to confer longevity and used as a symbol of this on Chinese ceramic ware.” The OED notes the earliest recorded usage of the Wade–Gilesromanization ling chih in 1904, and of the Pinyin lingzhi in 1980. In addition to the transliterated loanword, English names include “glossy ganoderma” and “shiny polyporus”.Thai nameThai เห็ด หลิน จือ (mushroom hlin cheu) is a Chinese loanword.

Active Ingredients of Reishi Extract

Properties & Application
  1. B-D-glucan activates the immune system of the skin, inhibits irritation, protects skin, and smoothes wrinkle.
  1. Triterpenes inhibit the release of Histamine to prevent allergy.
  1. Nucleosides and nucleotides energize the skin.
  2. Polysaccharides have an antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities and prevent against DNA damage.