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Orange Peel Extract Liquid
Orange Extract, Orange extracts, Orange,Sweet orange ,Som (Thai Name), Citrus sinensis (Linn.) Osbeck, Orange Peel, Orange Peel Extract Liquid

Product Name     : Orange Peel Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  Citrus sinensis (Linn.) Osbeck

Family Name      :  MELIACEAE

Common Name  : Orange,Sweet orange ,Som (Thai Name)

Part Used           : Peel

Orange is also known as sweet orange and som (in Thai). It is a small to middle size
Orchid Extract Liquid
Orchid Extract, Orchid extracts, Orchid, Kluay-mai (Thai Name), Dendrobium friedericksianum Rchb f.,

Product Name     : Orchid Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  Dendrobium friedericksianum Rchb f.

Family Name      :  ORCHIDACEAE

Common Name  : Orchid, Kluay-mai (Thai Name)

Part Used           : Flower

Orchid is rich in minerals which exist naturally in the skin, such as zinc, calcium,
Oyster Power
Oyster Extract Powder, Oyster Extract, Oyster, Crassostrea gigas

Product Name     : Oyster Powder

Botanical Name  Crassostrea gigas

Family Name      :  OSTREIDAE

Common Name  : Oyster, Hoi-nang-rom (In Thai)

Part Used           : Meat

Oyster has been widely used all over the world as a health food. In ancient Chinese Medicine, oyster were used as a remedy