Elephantopus Scaber Extract Liquid

 Kaempferia parviflora  Wall. Ex Baker, locally known in Thai as “Kra-chai-dam”, is belonging to the family of Zingiberaceae. It has been long term use in Thai traditional medicine for treating various ailments including allergy, alleviate male potency, induce an energizer, balance blood pressure, and reduce stomach pain. Especially, Kra-chai-dam has famous as a Thai Viagra or Thai ginseng and use it to increase sexual activity and improve male reproduction.


Product Name  : Elephantopus Scaber Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  : Elephantopus scaber Linn.

Family Name   :  ASTERACEAE

Common Name  : Do-Mai-Ru-Lom  (in Thai)

Part Used   : Whole-plant

Elephantopus scaber also known as Do-Mai-Ru-Lom (in Thai),  Elephant’s foot or Solomon’s seal. In the Southeast  Asia it is used as a sexual tonic, diuretic, fever reduce, eliminate bladder stones, as well as to treat nephritis, edema, dampness, chest pain, pneumonia, scabies, arthralgia and leukemia. The phytochemicals constituents of this plant include  flavonoilds, deoxyelephantopin, 11,13,  dihydrodeoxyelephantopin, lupeol, epifriedelinol  and stigmasterol. Pharmacological activities is anti-bacteria, anti-virus, Hepatoprotection, Anti-tumor and  balance  blood  pre
Active Ingredients of Coix lacryma Extract




– Improves erectile function in men.

– Enhances the male reproductive system.

– Stimulates blood circulation.