Acanthus Extract Powder

Product Name     : Acanthus Extract Powder

Acacia concinna is a tree native to Asia. The plant is a prickly, scandent vine shrub occurring in Asia’s tropical jungles. It is found in disturbed forests, in meadows and along rivers. The fruit looks like a pod and resembles the Tamarind fruit pod. The leaves have a sour taste, sort of like Tamarind pulp. In South India, the leaves are used to make Chutney. Thai people believe it to be an auspicious plant that brings luck and happiness. The plant is now cultivated commercially to meet the high demand in hair care and cosmetics industry.


Product Name     : Acanthus Extract Powder
Botanical Name  Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl. , Acanthus ilicifolius L.
Family Name      :  ACANTHACEAE
Common Name  : Nguag-plaa-moa (in Thai)
Part Used           : Leaves

Sea holly is a shrubby plant. There are 2 types with white or purple flowers.

It is commonly found in estuary forest and brackish water areas. The white flower type is found in the central and eastern region, the purple flower type is found in the southern region of Thailand. Sea holly originates in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Polynesia, andAustralia. It is,now, grown widely in tropical estuary forest.


Active Ingredients of Acanthus Extract

Properties & Application
– Used as a skin disease treatment, especially for lymphedema
– Prevention of hair loss
– Useful for maintaining hair root
– Hair tonic products for hair loss prevention.