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Allium cepa Extract Powder, Allium cepa Extract, Extract Powder, Allium cepa

Product Name     : Allium cepa Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  Allium cepa L.

Family Name      : LILIACEAE

Common Name  : Onion, Hom-hua-yai (in Thai)

Part Used           : Root

The Onion (Allium Cepa) a bulbous perennial plant, it is native to the northern hemisphere. However it has been cultivated and used as

Aloe vera Extract Powder, Aloe vera Extract, Extract Powder, Aloe vera

Product Name     : Aloe vera Extract

Botanical Name  : Aloe barbadensis Mill.

Family Name      :  ALOACEAE

Common Name  : Wan hang jorakae (Thai Name)

Part Used           : Leaves

Aloe vera  is a long-living herbaceous plant that is  popularly  grown  as  an  ornamental and herbal plant.

Horsetail Extract

Product Name     : Horsetail Extract

Botanical Name  Equisetum arvenseLinn.

Family Name      : EQUISETACEAE

Common Name  : Horsetail

Part Used           : Stem

Equisetum arvenseL. commonly known as horsetail. It is a plant showing aerial stems, 

Java Tea Extract Powder, Java Tea Extract, Extract Powder, Java Tea

Product Name     : Java tea Extract

Botanical Name  Orthosiphon aristatus (Blume) Miq.

Family Name      : LAMIACEAE

Common Name  : Cat's whiskers, Java tea, Kidney Tea, Yaa Nuat Maeo (in Thai)

Part Used           : Whole Plant

Java tea is also known as Cat's whiskers, Kidney Tea and Yaa Nuat Maeo (in Thai). Java Tea is herbaceous shrub, found mainly throughout South East Asia,

Morinda Elliptica Extract, Um-look-doo-nang, Morinda Elliptica, Morinda elliptica Ridl.

Product Name     : Morinda Elliptica Extract

Botanical Name  : Morinda elliptica Ridl.

Family Name      : RUBIACEAE

Common Name  : Yoo-pa (in Thai)

Part Used           : Heart Wood

Morinda elliptica (Yoo-pa) (in Thai) is a small  evergreen  plant from the Rubiaceae family, is a native plant from Asia. It’s medium-sized tree

White tea  Extract Powder, White tea Extract, Extract Powder, White tea

Product Name     : White tea Extract

Botanical Name  : Camellia sinensis

Family Name      : THEACEE

Common Name  : White tea  (in Thai)

Part Used           : Seed

What is 'white tea'?  Well,  just  like  those  other teas, white  tea  come  from  the  Camellia  sinensis plant.

Star Fruit Extract Liquid, Star Fruit Extract, Extract Liquid, Star Fruit

Product Name     : Star Fruit Extract

Botanical Name  Averrhoa carambola L.

Family Name      : OXALIDACEAE 

Common Name  : Carambola, Ma-fuang (in Thai)

Part Used           : Cell

The carambola or star fruit tree is evergreen, small to medium in height (7 to 10 m), and spreading in diameter (6 to 7.6 m). It is a plant native

Gac Extract Liquid, Gac Extract, Gac Extract Liquid, Gac

Product Name     : Gac Extract

Botanical Name  Momordica cochinchinensis (Lour.) Spreng.

Family Name      :  CUCURBITACEAE

Common Name  : Gac, Fak kao (in Thai)

Part Used           : Fruit

Momordica cochinchimemsis (lour.) Spreng is a plant of Cucurbitaceae family which can be grown in many countries is tropical regions such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and China.

Cactus Extract, Cactus, Cactus Extracts, Cactus Extract Liquid, CactusProduct Name     : Cactus Extract

Botanical Name  : Opuntia ficus ibdica (L.) Mill

Family Name      : CACTACEAE

Common Name  : Cactus, Kra-bong-Pet (in Thai)

Part Used           : Stem

Cactus is a plant native to originate in the desert. Their distinctive  appearance  is  a  result  of adaptations to conserve  water  in  dry  and/or  hot  environments. 

Thunbergia Laurifolia Extract Liquid, Thunbergia Laurifolia Extract, Extract Liquid, Thunbergia Laurifolia

Product Name     : Thunbergia Laurifolia Extract

Botanical Name  : Thunbergia laurifolia Linn.

Family Name      : ACANTHACEAE

Common Name  : Rang-jeud (in Thai)

Part Used           : Leaves

Thunbergia or Laurel clock vine or Blue trumpet vine is native to India and  popular  ornamental  plant in tropical  gardens ;

Abelmoschus Esculentus Extract Liquid, Abelmoschus Esculentus Extract, Extract Liquid, Abelmoschus Esculentus

Product Name     : Abelmoschus esculentus Extract

Botanical Name  Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench

Family Name      :  MALVACEAE

Common Name  : Okra, Lady's fingers, Kajiab-mon or Kajiab-kheow(Thai)

Part Used           : Cell

Abelmoschus esculentus  or Hibiscus esculentus is a plant in the Family Malvaceae with the common name of Okra and Kajiab-mon or

Luffa cylindrica Extract Liquid, Luffa cylindrica Extract, Extract Liquid, Luffa cylindrica

Product Name     : Luffa cylindrica Extract

Botanical Name  Luffa cylindrica (Linn.) Roem.

Family Name      : CUCURBITACEAE

Common Name  : Luffa, Sponge gourd, Buab Hom (In Thai)

Part Used           : Fruit

Luffa cylindrica(L.) Roem. (Cucurbitaceae) commonly called lufffa, sponge gourd, and Buab Hom (in Thai). It is cultivated in the tropical and subtropical Asian regions.

Noni Extract Liquid,  Noni Extract, Extract Liquid, Noni

Product Name     : Noni Extract

Botanical Name  Morinda citrifolia L.

Family Name      : RUBIACEAE

Common Name  : Look-Yo  (in Thai)

Part Used           : Fruit

Noni is a small-sized perennial plant originating in Asia. It has long been known among Thai. The leaf is used for food preparation, whereas 

Plumeria Extract Liquid, Plumeria Extract, Extract Liquid, Plumeria

Product Name     : Plumeria Extract

Botanical Name  Plumeria acutifolia Poir

Family Name      : APOCYNACEAE

Common Name  : Plumeria, Frangipani, Lelawadee (In Thai)

Part Used           : Cell

Plumeria aculifoliaPoir are from the family of Apocynaceae. Plumeria aculifolia Poir commonly called Plumeria, Frangipani, and Lelawadee (in Thai).