Value Proposition

✔ Innovation

INNOVATION RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY: Leading innovator, producer and exporter of Health and Beauty products by Utilization of herbs

✔ Natural herbs

Natural herbs: Focus on product Safety and Reliability by having control over the natural plants supply chain through empowerment of local farmers and entrepreneurs

✔ Sustainability

Sustainability: Preserve energy and environment throughout the value chain. Implement Bio-Circular-Green economy model. Moving toward carbon neutral in 2030.

to be Number 1 innovator in Health and Beauty Ingredient Manufacturer who creates value of Thai natural ingredients throughout the value chain

Specialty Natural Products Co.,Ltd. manufacturer of industrial raw   material for Medical Aesthetics (nutraceuticals) , food for Health (functional food), drink (beverage), cosmetics (cosmetics), and healthy ingredients in skin care products (Body care) of SNP technologies in production processes are covered.

Core Value Proposition of Specialty Natural Product Co.,Ltd.

Fermentation, Refining, Spray drying, Vacuum evaporation, Extractionevaporation, Extraction
The small size and mix (Grinding & blending) with the application of advanced technologies into operation, we have stringent measures in quality control. From the selection of planting material of standard quality control at every stage of production. Finished products through inspection by quality assurance personnel with a quality management system system Order to ensure that the product our Qualifications in therapeutic or cosmetic. As consumers need to be extracted will be used to develop a product based on. How to produce a good criterion Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and with the ability to analyze the properties of the product. The products have high quality control and quality consistently. In all models of production analysis tool High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to control product quality in every detail of the production – chemical composition that is unique of each herb.
Compound key. Used to indicate quality. Consistency of product quality in each of the manufacturing