Black Glutinous Rice Extract Liquid

Product Name     : Black Glutinous Rice Extract Liquid


Botanical Name         : Oryza sativa L.

Family Name             : POACEAE (GRAMINEAE)

Thai Name                 : Khao Niaw Dam

Part Use                     : Seeds

Oryza sativa L. are from the family of Poaceae (Gramineae). Oryza sativa L. commonly called Black glutinous Rice or Black sticky Rice and Khao Niaw Dam (in Thai). Anthocyanins are of the flavonoids subgroup, it is widely appear as the red, purple and blue colors in flower, fruits, vegetables and other cereal grains.Various studies have shown that anthocyanins may decrease cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, enhance capillary strength and strong anti-oxidant.

Actives Ingredient of Black glutinous Rice Extract

Properties & Application

– Anti-oxidant

– Anti-aging

– This extract is applicable in skin care and cleaning products such as cream, lotion, soap etc.