Triphala Enhance immune and Antioxident Protetion From Virus

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Enhance immune and Antioxident Protetion From Virus

      Triphala is a combination of three fruits. These fruits are Emblic, Beleric and Terminalia. Each fruit has their own immunity property which would really help with prevention of virus. It is accepted from Thai Traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine that Triphala juice can boost immune system. The active ingredient in it is Anthocyanin which is member of the flavonoid group. This active is high in antioxidants; the property will strengthen cells building. Moreover, Quercetin in flavonoid has potential to prevent absorption to cells from viruses. This active can help reduce risk of infection virus as well.

Triphala has many properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, stimulate immune system, reduce blood sugar, and cholesterol. Triphala can prevent cancer cells as well. The research found out that it effectively inhibits cancer cells and does not cause cytotoxicity.

Triphala Factsheet

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