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Beleric Extract Powder
Beleric Extract Powder, Beleric Extract, Terminalia belerica Roxb., Beleric

Product Name     : Beleric Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Terminalia belerica Roxb.

Family Name      :  COMBRETACEAE

Common Name  : Samo-pipek (Thai name)

Part Used           : Fruit

Beleric (BelericMyrobalan, Ink Nut) is a big-sized perennial tree commonly found in tropical areas. In traditional Thai medicine
Black pepper Extract Powder
Black pepper Extract Liquid, Black pepper Extract, Black pepper, Black pepper Extracts, Piper nigrum Linn.

Product Name     : Black pepper Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Piper nigrum Linn.

Family Name      :  PIPERACEAE

Common Name  : Black pepper, Prik thai dum (in Thai)

Part Used           : Seed

The black pepper is a well known as spice around the world and is used in almost every home. This herb is also known as Prik thai dum (in Thai).
Blue Pea Extract Powder
Blue Pea Extract Liquid, Blue Pea Extract, Blue Pea, Blue Pea Extracts, Clitoria ternatea Linn.

Product Name     : Blue Pea Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Clitoria ternatea Linn.

Family Name      :  FABACEAE

Common Name  : Blue pea, Butterfly, Un-chan (In Thai)

Part Used           : Petal

Blue pea or butterfly pea is a climbing plant originating from Southeast Asia. Nowadays,
Borapet Extract Powder
Borapet Extract Liquid, Borapet Extract, Borapet, Borapet Extracts, Tinospora crispa(L.) Miers

Product Name     : Borapet Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Tinospora crispa (L.) Miers

Family Name      :  MENISPERMACEAE

Common Name  : Borapet (in Thai)

Part Used           : Stems

Tiliacora triandrais known as Borapet (in Thai).It is a climber plant.It is found in primary rainforests or mixed deciduous forests throughout a large part of Asia and Africa, including all parts of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Borassus flabellifer Extract Powder
Borassus flabellifer Extract Liquid, Borassus flabellifer Extract, Borassus flabellifer, Borassus flabellifer Extracts, Borassus flabellifer L.

Product Name     : Borassus flabellifer Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Borassus flabellifer Linn.

Family Name      :  ARECACEAE

Common Name  : Asian Palmyra palm,Ton Taan (in Thai)

Part Used           : Male flowers

Borassus flabellifer L. is known as Ton Taan (in Thai).This plant is widely distributed and cultivated in tropical Asian countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Ton Taan, is a tall tree attaining a height of about 30m.,
Brewer's Yeast Extract Powder

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Brewer's Yeast Extract

Product Name     : Brewer's Yeast Extract

Botanical Name  : -

Family Name      : -  

Common Name  : -

Part Used           : -

Broccoli Extract Powder

Broccoli Extract Powder

Broccoli Extract Powder, Broccoli Extract, Extract Powder, Broccoli, Brassica oleracea var. italica

Product Name     : Broccoli Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Brassica oleracea var. italica

Butea Superba Extract Powder
Butea superba extract, Butea superba, Butea superba extracts, Butea superba</em> Roxb.

Product Name     : Butea superba Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Butea superba Roxb.

Family Name      :  PAPILIONACEAE

Common Name  : Kwao Krua Dang, Red Kwao Krua (Thai)

Part Used           : Root

Butea superba extract is a big-sized climbing plant with characteristics similar to those of Pueraria mirifica, except for a larger and thicker leaf. The root is cylindrical in shape. The root has a yellow in color and changes to brown when cut.
Cactus Extract Powder
Cactus Extract, Cactus, Cactus Extracts, Cactus Extract Powder, Cactus

Product Name     : Cactus Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Opuntia ficus indica. (L.) Mill

Family Name      :  CACTACEAE

Common Name  : Cactus, Kra-bong-Pet (in Thai)

Part Used           : Stem

Cactus is a plant native to originate in the desert. Their distinctive appearance is a result of adaptations to conserve water in dry and/or hot environments.
Caesalpinia Sappan Extract Powder
Caesalpinia sappan Extract Powder, Caesalpinia sappan Extract, Extract Powder, Caesalpinia sappan

Product Name     : Caesalpinia sappan Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Caesalpinia sappan L

Family Name      :  LEGUMINOSAE

Common Name  : Sappanwood, Sappan Tree, Brazilwood, Fang (in Thai)

Part Used           : Heartwood

Caesalpinia sappan is known as Sappanwood, Sappan Tree, Brazilwood and Fang (in Thai). Sappanwood is a well-known medicinal plant belonging to the Leguminosae
Capsicum Extract Powder
Capsicum Extract, Capsicum, Capsicum Extracts, Capsicum Extract Powder

Product Name     : Capsicum Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Capsicum frutescens Linn.

Family Name      :  SOLANACEAE

Common Name  : Phrik (in Thai)

Part Used           : Fruit

Capsicum or Chili is a long-living herbaceous plant originally from the tropical areas in South America.
Cassia Alata Extract Powder
Cassia Alata Extract Powder, Cassia Alata Extract, Cassia Alata Extracts, Cassia alata L.

Product Name     : Cassia Alata Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Cassia alata L.

Family Name      :  LEGUMINOSAE

Common Name  : Candle Bush, Ringworm Tree, Candletree, Chum-Hed-Thet (in Thai)

Part Used           : Leaves

Cassia alata or Senna alata have a long history to be used in folk medicine. It is native to Mexico and can be found in diverse habitats around intertropical
Cassia siamea Extract Powder
Cassia siamea Extract Powder,Cassia siamea Extract, Cassia siamea, Cassia siamea Extracts, Cassia siamea Lamk.

Product Name     : Cassia siamea Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Cassia siamea Lamk.

Family Name      :  LEGUMINOSAE

Common Name  : Cassod Tree, Thai copper Pod, Khee-lek (in Thai)

Part Used           : Leaves

Cassia Siamea also known as Cassod Tree, Khee-lek (in Thai). The leaves even-pinnate, young leaves covered with greenish brown and flowers have yellow color.
Centella asiatica Extract Powder
Centella asiatica Extract Powder, Centella asiatica Extract, Centella asiatica, Centella asiatica Extracts, Centella asiatica (L.) Urban

Product Name     : Centella asiatica Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Centella asiatica (L.) Urban

Family Name      :  APIACEAE

Common Name  : Bao-bog (in Thai)

Part Used           : Leaves

Gotu-kola - Centella asiatica (Asiatic pennywort) is a type of tropical weed that is commonly found in Asia, Australia, and Africa.
Chrysanthemum Extract Powder
Chrysanthemum Extract Powder, Chrysanthemum Extract, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum Extracts, Chrysanthemum indicum Linn.

Product Name     : Chrysanthemum Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Chrysanthemum indicum Linn.

Family Name      :  ASTERACEAE or COMPOSITAE

Common Name  : Chrysanthemum, Mums, Khek-huay (in Thai)

Part Used           : Flower

Chrysanthemum indicum is a herb common in India and found in many parts of the tropical world, like USA, Australia, Africa and southeast Asia,