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Turmeric Extract Liquid
Turmeric Extract Liquid, Turmeric Extract, Curcuma longa L., Turmeric

Product Name     : Turmeric Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  Curcuma longa L.

Family Name      :  ZINGIBERACEAE

Common Name  : Khamin-chan (in Thai)

Part Used           : Rhizome

Turmeric is a tropical herbaceous root (rhizome). It is yellowish orange in col or and has pleasant aroma.
Vernonia cinerea Extract Liquid

Vernonia cinerea Extract Liquid

Vernonia cinerea Extract Liquid, Vernonia cinerea Extract, Vernonia cinerea

Product Name     : Vernonia cinerea Extract Liquid

White Head Extract Liquid
White head Extract Liquid, White head Extract, Extract Liquid, White head

Product Name     : White head Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  Eclipta prostrata (L) L.

Family Name      :  ASTERACEAE

Common Name  : White Head, Ka-Meng (Thai name)

Part Used           : Leaves

Hair care : In ayurvedic medicine, Eclipta alba is consider a powerful liver tonic, rejuvenative, especially good for the hair.
White tea Extract Liquid
White tea Extract Liquid, White tea Extract, Camelia sinensis, White tea

Product Name     : White tea Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  Camelia sinensis (L.) Kuntze

Family Name      :  THEACEE

Common Name  : White tea (in Thai)

Part Used           : Seed

What is 'white tea'? Well, just like those other teas, white tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant.
Whitening Complex Extract
Whitening Complex Extract Liquid, Whitening Complex Extract, Whitening Complex, Whitening

Product Name     : Whitening Complex Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  

Family Name      :  

Common Name  : 

Part Used           :

Most of people in South-East Asia want to have whiten skin, so many of whitening product are available in the market. The mechanism focus on the melaninsynthesis, especially tyrosinase enzyme. To inhibit darken mechanism, there are many of potential ingredients are available.
Yoghurt Powder
Yoghurt Extract Powder, Yoghurt Extract, Extract Powder, Yoghurt

Product Name     : Yoghurt Extract Powder

Botanical Name  

Family Name      :  

Common Name  : 

Part Used           :

Yoghurt is a fermented milk product which originated centuries ago in Bulgaria. It’s a coagulated milk product that results from the fermentation of milk by the bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.
Abelmoschus esculentus Extract Powder
Abelmoschus Esculentus Extract Powder, Abelmoschus Esculentus Extract, Abelmoschus esculentus, Abelmoschus Esculentus

Product Name     : Abelmoschus esculentus Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench

Family Name      :  MALVACEAE

Common Name  : Okra, Lady's fingers, Kajiab-mon or Kajiab-kheow(Thai)

Part Used           : Fruit

Abelmoschus esculentus  or Hibiscus esculentus is a plant in the Family Malvaceae with the common name of Okra and Kajiab-mon or
Acacia concinna Extract Powder
Acacia Concinna Extract Liquid, Acacia Concinna Extract ,Acacia concinna (Willd.) DC., Acacia Concinna

Product Name     : Acacia Concinna Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Acacia concinna (Willd.) DC.

Family Name      :  LEGUMINOSAE

Common Name  : Shikakai, Soap Pod, Som Poy (in Thai)

Part Used           : Leaves, Fruit Pod

Acacia concinna is a tree native to Asia. The plant is a prickly, scandent vine shrub occurring in Asia's tropical jungles. It is found in disturbed forests,
Allium cepa Extract Powder

Allium cepa Extract Powder

Allium cepa Extract Powder ,Allium cepa Extract, Allium cepa L., Allium cepa

Product Name     : Allium cepa Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Allium cepa L.

Aloe vera Extract Powder

Aloe vera Extract Powder

Aloe vera Extract Powder, Aloe vera Extract, Aloe barbadensis Mill., Aloe vera

Product Name     : Aloe vera Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Aloe barbadensis Mill.

Alstonia scholaris Extract Powder
Alstonia scholaris Extract, Devil tree, Blackboard tree, Phayaasattaban (in Thai), Alstonia scholaris Extract Powder

Product Name     : Alstonia scholaris Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Alstonia scholaris (L.) R. Br.

Family Name      :  APOCYNACEAE

Common Name  : Devil tree, Blackboard tree, Phayaasattaban (in Thai)

Part Used           : Stem Bark

Alstonia scholaris is popularly known in Thai as Phayaa- sattaban.
Andrographis Extract Powder
Andrographis Paniculata Extract Powder, Andrographis Paniculata Extract, Andrographis Paniculata

Product Name     : Andrographis Paniculata Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees

Family Name      :  Acanthaceae

Common Name  : Fah-talai-Chon (In Thai)

Part Used           : Leaves

Andrographis is native to India and Srilanka All parts have a bitter tase. It is widely cultivated in southern asia.
Antidesma Extract Powder
Antidesma Extract Powder, Antidesma Extract, Antidesma bunius L., Antidesma

Product Name     : Antidesma Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Antidesma bunius L.

Family Name      :  PHYLLANTHACEAE

Common Name  : Mamao Luang or Mao Luang (in Thai)

Part Used           : Fruits

Antidesma bunius is also known as Mamao Luang or Mao Luang ( in Thai ). Mamao Luang, a kind of medicinal fruit trees could be found in most of dipterocarp forested areas in Northeast Thailand.
Apple Extract Powder
Apple Extract Powder, Apple Extract, Malus domestica Borkh, Apple

Product Name     : Apple Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Malus domestica Borkh

Family Name      :  ROSACEAE

Common Name  : Apple (in Thai)

Part Used           : Fruits

Malus domestica Borkh is also known as Apples that have been grown for thousands of years in Asia, Europe and were brought to North America by European
Baelfruit Extract Powder
Baelfruit Extract Powder, Baelfruit Extract, Aegle marmelos Corr., Baelfruit

Product Name     : Baelfruit Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Aegle marmelos Corr.

Family Name      :  RUTACEAE

Common Name  : Ma-toom (in Thai)

Part Used           : Fruit

Baelfruit is a middle-sized perennial plant that was originally found in India and now is commonly found in Southeast Asian countries. In Thailand,