Honey Extract Powder, Honey, Honey Extract, Honey, Nam Phueng, honeydew, Apis mellifera L.

Product Name     : Honey Extract Powder

Botanical Name  Apis mellifera L.

Family Name      :  ALOACEAE

Common Name  : Nam Phueng (Thai Name)

Part Used           : Fluid from the comb

Honey or honeydew (Nam phueng, in Thai) is the fluid that possesses high viscously and sweet in taste.
It has been obtained from the bee’s products by accumulating the sweet fluid from the pollens. In traditional medicine, honey is used as a moisturizer, an intestinal emollient, a diuretic, and as an antidote. In addition to, it is used as a solvent for a medicine. In research reports, Honey has been useful in the treatment of surgical wounds, burns, and decubitus ulcers, and the antibacterial and antifungal properties. In burns in particular, honey has been found to control wound infection and accelerate wound healing. Furthermore, honey application into infective conjunctivitis reduced redness, swelling, pus discharge, and time for eradication of bacterial infections. A number of reasons for this have been suggested: shrinkage disruption of the bacterial cell wall due to the osmotic effect of the sugar content; induction of an unfavorable environment with low water activity, thereby inhibiting bacterial growth; and a low pH of 3.6 and the fermentation of honey, producing alcohol in sitar. Honey acts as a highly viscous barrier preventing bacterial penetration and colonization of the wound surface.

Honey Extract Powder, Honey, Honey Extract, Honey, Nam Phueng, honeydew, Apis mellifera L.

Active Ingredients of Honey Extract

Active Ingredients of Honey Extract


Properties & Application

- Lip balm                                         - Facial scrub

- Facial cleanser                               - Skin moisturiser

- Baby skin care cream                     - Sore throat syrup

- Hair shine spray                             - Body bath

- Anti-wrinkle cream                          - Hand soap bar

- Essential oil                                   - Acne treatment cream

- Skin toner                                      - Body fragrance

- Anti-stretch mark cream                  - Facial masks

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