Collagen Extract Powder, Collagen Extract, Extract Powder, Collagen

Product Name     : Collagen Extract Powder

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Part Used           : Fish scale

Collagen is a group of naturally occurring proteins especially founded in mammals.
It is the main component of connective tissue making up to 30 percent of the protein in human bodies. It is mostly found in the skin, joints, teeth, bones, tendons, and blood vessels. and makes up 70 percent of the protein in the skin Collagen has great tensile strength the keeps the joints fluid, and strength in connective tissues. Fish collagen peptide is a protein extracted from fish and widely utilized in processed through hydrolysis to obtain the low molecular weight peptide. Collagen is widely utlized cosmetic aid and food supplement to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and enhance the elasticity of the skin due to its content of essential amino acids.

Collagen Extract Powder, Collagen Extract, Extract Powder, Collagen

Properties & Application

- Anti-aging

- Collagen Replacement


In the "Collapeptide Cream (3%Collapeptide)" presents an anti-aging effect characterized by a reduction of the wrinkles parameter and improve smoothness parameter and also showed the firming effect characterized by a significant increased of tension and firmness parameter.These results are confirmed by good appreciation of the product of the volunteers.