Garlic Extract, Garlic, Kra Tium, Garlic Extract Liquid

Product Name     : Garlic Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  Allium sativum L.

Family Name      :  LILIACEAE

Common Name  : Garlic, Kra Tium (Thai)

Part Used           : Bulb

Garlic is a common herbaceous plant. The clove has a whitish skin and consists of numerous bulblets. The mature clove, when fried in oil, can be used as a seasoning.
The essential oils contain medicinal properties that are used as a carminatives, an expectorants, a diaphoretic drugs, and a diuretic remedies. The garlic juice is used for ringworm treatment, antisepsis, and dispersing a hard swelling. Allicin is an active ingredient in oils that is formed by enzyme alliin alkyl-sulfenate-lyase and the amino acid S-allylcysteine S-oxide when the plant is injured. Allicin from garlic is reported on the antibacterial action that inhibited the growth of both gram positive and gram-negative microorganism is also believed that Garlic can lowen cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar level in the blod.

Garlic Extract, Garlic, Kra Tium, Garlic Extract Liquid

Active Ingredients of Garlic Extract

Active Ingredients of Garlic Extract


Properties & Application

- Antibacterial

- Protecting against gray hair & Lower hair loss

- Antioxidant

- Stimulating blood circulation and relieving bruises and contusions

- Cholesterol reduction Allicin is capable of interactins with the thiol ( -SH ) group which a tributed to the inhibition of HMG-COA reductase The anticarcinogenic effect of these The compounds reduce cholesterol formation.

- Shampoo and conditioner

- Toner

- Anti-acne cream

- Soap

Used as traditional medicine or food supplements as well as mixed a drink for the treatment of various disorders :

- Strong antibacterial and anti-fungl The Allicin inhibits the machanism of RNA polymerase enzyme of microorganism cell trerefote lead to the discontinus microbial growth.