Black Ginger Extract, Black Ginger, Black Ginger Extracts Liquid

Product Name     : Black Ginger Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  Kaempferia parviflora Wall. ex

Family Name      :  ZINGIBERACEAE

Common Name  : Black Ginger, Gra-Chai-dam (Thai Name)

Part Used           : Rhizome

Black Ginger or Black Finger-Root is an herbaceous plant grown from a rhizome. The freshly insides of the tubers may be purple or black depending on soil conditions. Originally,
Black Ginger was used by Mong tribal folk for easing muscle pains It also acts as a sexual stimulant and is said to cure impotency, Black-ginger is known as a Thai Ginseng. amoung Thais due to its properties to induce a feeling of well being, energizes and create a balanced blood pressure as well as curing dysentery and stomach pains. For men, black ginger enchances the relaxation of vascular smooth muscle leading to an increase in blood circulation of male reproductive functions. For ladies, black-ginger promotes a glowing, healthy skin and cure leucorrhoea. It also helps regulate menstruation cycle, cure diabetes, reduces fat in blood vessel and promotes longevity. Researches reports the active ingredients were found two flavanone compounds : 5 - hydroxy - 7 - methoxyflavanone or pinostrobin, and 5, 7 - dimethoxy flavanone and nine flavone compounds.

Black Ginger Extract, Black Ginger, Black Ginger Extracts Liquid

Active Ingredient of Black Ginger Extract

Active Ingredient of Black Ginger Extract


Properties & Application

- Stimulating of blood circulation

- Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antioxidant activities in skin cell

- Antibacterial activity

- Rejuvination for men


- Natural therapy of erectile dysfunction

- Anti-cellulite product

- Cosmetic applications