Testing Services

SNP maintains an extensive database - update daily - dealing with all kinds of cosmetic and therapeutic preparations. Our

consultative R&D networks, domestic and international, are highly professional. As a result, skilled technical advice is always available, as well as assistance with formulation development- whether for improving customers' existing product lines or developing new products.

Product Improvement

SNP has demonstrated record innovation and product development in formulation and the use of natural ingredients. Proprietary products and processes developed exclusively by SNP in recent months include  A stabilizer for formulating alcohol-free perfume. A new cream base using cold processing. A new natural surfactant to replace synthetics in shampoo formulations. Your product development is safe in our hands Concept.

Development Perhaps you need a brand new product concept.

Join us as partners in developing that concept.


         As an independent botanical extract manufacturing and research organization, SNP is uniquely positioned to assist innovative companies entering the phytochemical revolution. Most botanical extract research and development capability within major companies is internally focused. We are a one-stop-shop, offering a full range of services to supplement your internal resources. We also provide turnkey professional services, ensuring a seamless process from concept through market introduction.

        SNP's scientific team works with customers to develop exclusive product formulations. We provide support in terms of scientific literature on efficacy, interactions, and toxicity. We alsoadvise on ingredient selection, dosage from selection, and market positioning. Every day reveals new opportunities in natural plant processing, and new ways to maximize the health benefits of these natural plant products. 

        SNP works with its customers to research and develop new and innovative products that meet the growing demands of the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, functional food, nutraceutical and cosmetic markets.